Irish Family Planning Association

The IFPA, Its Members, Affiliates and Supporters:

Promote and Protect individual basic human rights in reproductive and sexual health, relationships and sexuality. :

Promote and Defend the right of all persons, including young people, to decide freely the number and spacing of their children (if any), so that every child is a wanted child. :

Campaign for the removal, and resist the introduction of, any laws restricting access to, or the local availability of, sexual and reproductive health services, including safe abortion. :

Are committed to obtaining equal rights for women and young people, and to their empowerment in obtaining full participation in, and benefit from, social, political and economic development.:

Are committed to working in alliance with all those who share our aims, and in co-operation with interested government and non-governmental bodies. :

60 Amiens Street
Dublin 1

Tel: 01 806 9444